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Tumblr Ads – How to Create Tumblr Ads, updated in (2023)


Tumblr Ads – How to Create Tumblr Ads

Tumblr Ads

If you are finding it hard to create a Tumblr Ads, then this is your chance to understand Tumblr ads. In this article, I will share with you how to create Tumblr Ads.

Tumblr Advertisement is made as Sponsored Day, Sponsored Video Posts, or Sponsored post.

They specifically appeared too important audience depending on factors; for example, encompassing users’ content that they view, provided information, used the application, search history, and friends’ suggestions. Promotions on Tumblr serve crosswise over mobile, desktop, and tablet

With the correct content and target audience of spectators, Tumblr can be a successful channel to promote your brand.

For whatever length of time that you have reached your audience with a visual content to share, promoting on Tumblr could essentially aid your brand to generate leads, reach a large audience, new customers and eventually, help you benefit more in your business.


Sponsored post

Tumblr’s Sponsored Posts are promotions Ads that show up in users’ dashboards; however, it keeps up the look and feel of natural content. For instance, if a broadcasting company FX creates a Tumblr Sponsored Posts Ads to help promote their new show.

They will create “an editorial content which will include illustration, GIFs, and unique original photography that line up with the brand’s information strategy.”

Tumblr explains how Sponsored Posts work, on the grounds that “brands are also welcome as creators themselves with the right content Tumblr users need to see.” 60% of Tumblr users who have seen a Sponsored Post report finding the content engaging, high-quality, and fun.

Customers who have seen a Sponsored Post, 70 percent state they see the related brand all the more positively as results. About a half of the audience on Tumblr made a move and proceeded to look into the sponsor researched afterward

Like promoting alternatives on other internet social media platforms, Sponsored Posts can be used with parameters, for example, location, users’ interests, and gender. They can likewise be syndicated to Yahoo for further reach and visibility.


How to create and share engaging Tumblr posts:

Cautiously think about your target audience

Millennials represent 69 percent of Tumblr’s users, so make content that resonates with this statistic. Focus on what they’re posting and reblogging to get an idea of what they find fascinating.

Answer questions

Tumblr’s “Ask” works extraordinary, this is where users can come to inquire and offer concerns. Set aside some effort to consistently respond to these inquiries and offer interactions to your Tumblr page.

You will not only give incredible user assistance, but you’ll also be sparing your business time by abstaining from addressing a similar inquiry again and again.

Comprehend the tag

Tags—Tumblr’s adaptation of hashtags — allows the users who aren’t following your blog to locate your content. Use labels that are applicable to your industry and portray the post precisely.

Cross-promote your content

These are clear similitude among Instagram and Tumblr which makes the stages perfect for cross-promotion. All you have to do is to offer your best visual content to the two platforms to be able to reach a large audience.


Sponsored Video Post

Tumblr explains how Sponsored Video Posts offers “local video for the website and cell phone which is the same as that of Sponsored Post design you know and love.” Sponsored Video Posts offer to target choices simply like Sponsored Posts, however with extra analytics abilities for engagement, views, and looping.

For included visibility, Sponsored Video Posts play consequently in users’ Tumblr Dashboards and the player goes with the users as they look down the page.

Maynards Canada utilized Sponsored Video Posts alongside standard Sponsored Posts to help promote their new brand of candy, Maynard Beanz. Alongside the videos, the company utilized the hashtag #whereyoubeanz to help boost their recognition and awareness

The campaign brought about an increment in brand awareness, advertisement review, and increment in purchase intent. Tumblr also explains that “Autoplay video connects with users regardless of whether they look past.

Maynards’ campaign also shows the significance of including a video in your promoting ads to reach users who don’t effectively engage with content on their dashboard.”


To utilize video in your brand’s paid and natural Tumblr promoting endeavors:

Think about mobile viewers

Your videos should be stream videos that should be optimized for both mobile viewers and desktop users. A mobile audience will view this vertically, so attempt to shoot your videos in vertical mode when conceivable.

Incorporate a CTA.

Call-to-action is very effective and it helps raise the purchase intent by 14 percent and boosts the probability that viewers will prescribe your brand by 11 percent.

Consider your tone

Just the same as your normal Tumblr posts, video posts need to be made in light of a younger audience. Tumblr found that among twenty to thirty-year-olds “comedic promotions accomplish 50 percent higher brand nature, sensational advertisements accomplish 33 percent higher brand fondness, and educational promotions accomplish 31 percent higher purchase expectation.”


Sponsored Day

Tumblr’s Sponsored Day alternative offers a unique promoting opportunity. As indicated by Tumblr, purchase expectation and advertisement review was twice as high among users who had seen a Sponsored Day campaign than those in a control audience.

With this sort of campaign, Tumblr gives a brand a chance to stick their logo and slogan at the top of all users’ dashboards for 24 hours.

This connects to a tab in the Explore page (one of the most visited pages on the system) this is where you will be able to share curated content. As Tumblr clarifies, “whatever story your brand needs to tell, you have a cut of the Dashboard to tell it in.”

Nike was the primary brand to run a Sponsored Day promotional ads spot as a major aspect of its #betterforit campaign which promotes another line of ladies’ exercise gear.

David Hayes, Tumblr’s Head of Creative Strategy, explains that with Sponsored Days, “the brand can likewise organize an entire pack of content from the network. In Nike’s case of ladies’ wellness or fitness, the content can emerge out of the network or the brand’s very own blog.”


Curate content for a Sponsored Day campaign

Make sure you keep tabs on your industry

Focus on what leaders in your company are sharing and collaborating with. Try monitoring important patterns so to discover and share content that your audience finds significant. Blend this content in with your brand’s unique content for a dynamic page and engaging page.

Reblog people group posts

Follow your clients and other significant Tumblr users and reblog their content. This gives you new content, yet demonstrates appreciation to your targeted audience.

Celebrate with themed content

In the case, it doesn’t matter if you are announcing a new product or celebrating a new store opening, all you have to do is curate Tumblr content to recognize these events. Consider how the majority of your content will cooperate with a visual topic and ensure you don’t post whatever will disrupt the aesthetic.

Analytics and estimation

Tumblr’s Advertiser Analytics apparatus offers a total answer for observing and estimating your brand’s success with a paid campaign.

To be able to access Advertiser Analytics while you are running a paid campaign, you should click on the Analytics button on the side of your Dashboard.

In the Advertiser Analytics segment, you approach information, like;

Blog View – This will give you an outline of how your paid and natural Tumblr content is performing

Campaign View – This allows you to be able to monitor your ad performance by checking ad engagement rates, impressions, and cost per engagement (CPE)

Post View – This also assists you in providing the right pieces of information on your individual posts’ performance based on the like, clicks, impressions and reblogs.

As you can see fundamental engagement measurements, for example, likes and reblogs with your natural content, currently with no in-depth analytics alternatives for unpaid posts or your blog page generally. This is the place Google Analytics proves to be useful.

Google Analytics gives a far-reaching estimation answer for all of your Tumblr endeavors. With Google Analytics, you can gauge

  • Number of blog guests
  • Guest recurrence
  • Your most famous posts
  • Search terms individuals used to discover you
  • Where your guests are coming from
  • And that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Questions and Answers

How can I run ads on Tumblr?

Firstly, you will have to sign up a Tumblr account and start placing ads to generate leads to your blog. The payment of Ads depends on the number of clicks and the audience you want to reach. But you most public a relevant content to engage your audience and ads actually pays off.

How do I add AdSense to my Tumblr?

This is very easy, all you have to do is follow Tumblr guidelines, get a custom URL and add it to your Tumblr URL that has already been approved.

How can I get more Tumblr followers?

  • Like and share posts of other people
  • Contacting other users directly
  • Following other blogs
  • Tagging to your posts
  • Promote your Tumblr account on other social media platforms
  • Post content often, although not too often
  • Submitting your blog to a promotional blog


Conclusion: Tumblr Ads

With the above article, you will be able to create your own Tumblr Ads with ease. And sponsor your product or service to the tons of people available on the Tumblr Ads networks.


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