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Black and White Bathroom Ideas and Designs


Black and White Bathroom Ideas and Designs: In today’s digital age there’s endless inspiration to draw from when it comes to choosing the perfect design for your bathroom. There are clean modern spaces and the luxe glamorous finishes. And there’s the dark and moody rooms and light and airy designs.

There’s also plenty of color out there – with vibrant teal, copper, magenta, and even powder blue taking over the design scene as popular shades of choice. But while eclectic out-there colors may be a whole heap of fun, there’s one color scheme you simply can’t go past – the timeless black and white combination.

It’s the perfect choice for the person who wants to keep things fairly simple without going over the top. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is boring – with patterns, textures, and metals you can create a uniquely impactful bathroom. Moreover, if interior design is your passion and you’re managing a related YouTube channel, you can inspire and provide valuable tips to a wider audience by leveraging Subscriberz.

But for now here are my favourite black-and-white bathroom ideas and designs that you’re going to love.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #1. Art deco tiles

If you want to mix the old with the new, then take inspiration from the art deco era and add your own modern twist. This double-headed shower is a perfect example of this. It includes iron elements from bathrooms of yesteryear with simple white subway tiles lining the walls.

And we can’t look past the floor tiling – these black and white penny round tiles are the perfect finish. And with bathroom tiling as intricate as this, you’ll definitely want to leave it to the professional bathroom tilers near you.

2. Scalloped feature wall

Black and white bathrooms are a great choice for the minimalist home. But they can be a little bit plain-ish. To avoid the oversimplification that this style can bring, add a textured feature wall by using marble grey scalloped tiles like the ones in this space.

3. Shower niche

If you include any decorative and practical detail in your new bathroom design, then it needs to be a shower niche. It allows you to store all of your essential shower items, including shampoo and conditioner, body wash and scrubs. And the best thing about it is that it looks great!

4. Timber hanging mirrors

The key to creating any successful design space is to make sure there are plenty of light and dark features. Take this black bathroom, for example, the walls have slick black timber panelling and there’s a beautiful large white vanity with a marble countertop.
But the real heroes of the show are the hanging circular timber mirrors. These add a natural touch to this otherwise cool space. And I love the small ceramic pot filled with greenery!

5. Make it glamorous

If you’re the kind of person who likes to take your time getting ready, then it’s worth considering how you can add a glam dresser in your bathroom. This one is so practical – it has plenty of storage space in the drawers and it also has a sink to the far right side. Plus, how fun are the movable black shelves? Too cute!

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #6. Mosaic floor tiles

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your black and white bathroom by using fancy mosaic floor tiles. When people think of mosaic tiles, the first thought is often bright, bold colours. This can be a scary thought for someone who likes to keep things plain and simple. But the good news is that mosaic tiles can be black and white! Take these gorgeous tiles, for example. They add detail, interest and fun to this beautiful space without being too overpowering – perfect!

7. Make the most of small spaces

Small bathroom owners – don’t despair! You’ll be pleased to know that there’s so much you can do with a tiny space. Just take some inspiration from this black and white bathroom. It combines a shower and a toilet all on one side, separated by a glass divider. The black hardware on the divider and the black tapware tie this style together nicely.

8. Create a pattern

Black and white can be simple and understated or it can be intricate and bold. This shower room combines the best of both worlds. But my favourite thing is the oval-style shape crafted from black penny round tiles.

9. Black sink hardware

While gold and brass have been very popular in bathrooms around the world – from small home bathrooms to large restaurant bathrooms – black hardware is taking over as the colour of choice. I love how this small bathroom vanity combines everything you could need – a white sink topped with a black tap, round black mirror, plus a small black candle to top it off.

10. Create more space

If you’re short on bench space or you simply want something to hold your cup of tea while you relax in the bath, then you can’t go past a small timber stool. This not only looks great contrasted against your black and white bathroom flooring and walls, but it also adds warmth a cool bathroom needs. When you’re not using it, you can use it to display candles or a dish filled with scrubs and other bathroom items.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #11. Warm timber

Break up the black and white with a sweeping of timber – like in this large bathroom. You can strike the right balance between these three tones by using black and white for the tiles on the floor and the wall, black for the tapware and hardware, and timber for feature walls and your vanity.

12. Geometric forms

Forget boring white walls – spruce up your space with intriguing moulded geometric shapes. You can continue this geometric theme by choosing lighting and decor with strong lines. And tie it all together with a touch of natural greenery.

13. A mix of shapes

A simple black and white bathroom is the perfect foundation for showcasing your creativity. You can do this by choosing different shaped tiles, patterns and textures. This design does this so well with a mix of rectangles, hexagons, squares and more!

14. Timber flooring

If you have an older home with beautiful original timber flooring, then it’s worth considering leaving this into your bathroom design. This kind of floor will add a base layer of warmth to your space, making it feel cosier.

15. Gold touches

Gold hardware never goes out of fashion. If you want something that makes a statement, then this is it! Gold looks good with any colour, but it really stands out against crisp white tiles.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #16. Herringbone-patterned style

Make a bold statement with monochrome herringbone-patterned tiles. These rectangular tiles have been placed up the entire side of the wall and around the shower. I love how the floor has been kept a simple white to bring some balance to the room.

17. Encaustic floor tiles

Forget normal tiles and choose ceramic tiles instead. The pattern on these encaustic floor tiles is a product of different colours of clay. Generally speaking, encaustic tiles are usually made up of two colours but they can be composed of up to as many as six.

18. Shiny marble

Create a glamorous bathroom base with shiny black marble tiles as your base. The white marble throughout the black means it will look great with white fittings and a nice large white bath.

19. Add a rug

While rugs may not be your first choice when decorating your bathroom (they do usually belong in the living room, after all), you can still incorporate them. A great rug will add character and personality to your space. Just make sure you choose a rug that is long-lasting and durable if it gets wet.

20. High-end finish

Forget minimalist, take your beautiful bathroom to the luxe side with quality finishes. This space is the perfect example – it includes delicate finger tiles up the wall in a herringbone pattern, intriguing matte black pipes coming down from the ceiling, natural timber touches around the side and under the vanity, and a striking slab of solid grey marble slab for the vanity.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #21. Dramatic black bath

Embrace your dark side by installing a matte black bath. It’s true that white baths are usually the installation of choice, but black looks fantastic in this space, creating a moody, cool look. Plus, I love the big window through to the rainforest greenery outside.

22. Modern wall sconces

Lighting is everything in a space – whether it’s a kitchen, living room, bedroom, office or bathroom. It makes all the difference because it sets the mood and atmosphere of a room. And in a bathroom, you want to create a calm, relaxing feel. This can be achieved by using simplistic wall sconces, like how you can’t see cylindrical matte black lights that positioned on either side of the gold-rimmed rectangular mirror but you can see how well it lights this space.

23. Period fittings

Transform your bathroom into a Parisian inspired space by installing period fittings. The great thing about this design is that it doesn’t have to be completely old school. In fact, you can combine the old with the new by using modern matte black hardware and fixtures with intriguing ceramic tiles and interesting art prints.

24. Grey marble all over

Marble is such a luxurious choice, and it always looks good – whether it’s used for a kitchen bench, a living room table or a bathroom floor. And this design is no exception. I love how the marble has been used across this entire space – it creates a moody modern finish that’s beautiful to look at!

25. Subway tiles galore

You can’t go wrong with a classic subway tile – it will always look great wherever you use it. And it’s been a very popular choice over the last few years. I like how it’s been used in this simple black and white bathroom to add a hint of detail and interest. When going for a white tile, you can either go with white grout for an all-white look or choose grey grout for tiles that pop, like these ones!

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #26. Monochrome madness

Alright, this bathroom/shower duo is a bit eccentric – it’s certainly not for the fainthearted. But if you’re willing to take a risk and have some fun with your black-and-white bathroom, then you may as well give this a go! Draw up a pattern of how you would like your tiles to be placed and then give it to your tiler to implement. Voila – you’ve got yourself a fun design!

27. Open shelving

If you like to put your towels on display (or other decor items for that matters) you should consider a simple vanity with open shelving. And this timber vanity is a great choice, adding warmth to this small black-and-white bathroom.

28. Simple kids’ bathroom

Have fun with your kids’ bathroom by adding in a patterned shower curtain. I love this quirky whale-style curtain – it makes this space so cute!

29. Brass fittings

Take your shower design to the next level with fancy fittings. While silver has traditionally been the colour of choice, brass hardware is so in right now. And it looks great against the slick black herringbone tiles.

30. Penny round tiles

These tiny tiles are so cute! And they’re really versatile too. While they may not be the first kind of tile you’d think of when designing your bathroom, they’re easy to style – and you can choose from so many different colours. But to keep things simple, this design uses black penny round tiles all over the floor with white grout to make them stand out.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #31. Double vanity

When you live with someone else, it can get kind of frustrating sharing a bathroom – especially if one person is messier than the other or you’re both trying to get ready for work at the same time. Enter: the double vanity! It’s a smart solution that keeps on giving. First of all, it provides more storage space. You can hide a ton of stuff behind the doors and drawers, from bottles to towels to toiletries and decor.

Secondly, the double sink situation allows two people to get ready at once, saving plenty of time! And thirdly, well… it helps keep the peace, because sharing a vanity can be trying.

32. Grey, white and a touch of black

This small bathroom is clean, tidy and sleek! And it just proves that sometimes simple is so much better than complicated. Mind you, it isn’t completely void of detail. You can see that plenty of shapes and patterns have been incorporated in the design, with rectangular grey tiles on the left wall and plenty of geometric shapes on the wall behind the mirror. And I love the combination of the clean white vanity and the small timber drawer to the left.

33. Vessel sink

If you want to add some extra detail to your bathroom, then consider a vessel sink! They may have had their heyday a few years ago, but they’re still a popular choice. While they may be more suited to decorative bathrooms, such as powder rooms or guest bathrooms where the sinks aren’t used frequently, they can still work in any bathroom. And the basin can be made out of any kind of material – from glass to ceramic to stainless steel, copper, brass or marble! The choice is yours.

34. Clever storage solutions

Bathroom design is so much more than creating something beautiful (although that’s definitely part of it!). When dreaming up your design, you need to think about how you’re going to maximise storage. The most obvious choices will include your vanity, drawers, and maybe even a side table. But this vanity incorporates something different – open shelving on the bottom. And this has been filled with two natural woven baskets. They bring warmth to this cool black space, making it look more homely and cosy!

35. Glowing light

It’s amazing how a little bit of light can make a huge difference to your bathroom, especially if it’s black. If you don’t have many windows then it’s absolutely essential to install smart lighting. You can do this around your mirror, underneath your vanity and, of course, in the ceiling. And after all one of the most important elements is the right bathroom lighting for your space.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas #36. Modern bathtub

Black and White Bathroom Ideas and Designs

There’s nothing more relaxing than a beautiful big bathtub. And they come in all different styles. There’s the classic claw-foot bathtub which looks great in a traditional period style bathroom. And then there’s the whirlpool and air tubs, like the ones you find in a resort bathroom. There’s the shower/tub combo, which works well when you have a small space.

And then there’s the lush, soaking tub like this one. I love the modern touches and the additions of yellow and timber tones that make this space warm and cosy!

37. Black timber

While timber vanities are a popular choice these days, it’s rare to see them in black. But I like this style – it’s very country meets modern hardware. And the luxe additions of the grey toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and other decor pieces make a beautiful finish.

38. Repurposed timber vanity

Do you want a bathroom that’s truly unique? One that no-one else has seen before? Go shopping for a vanity at your local thrift store! Search for an old small timber desk, like this one pictured, and upcycle it into a gorgeous farmhouse vanity. And I love how the black marble-style top on this one makes it just a tad modern, while keeping it fairly classic.

39. Painted and tiled

Break things up a bit by separating your bathroom wall with paint and white tiles. The best way to make this effective is to choose to very contrasting colours. And this design is the perfect example – it combines wimple white subway tiles with grey grout with a dark grey/blacktop. And I love the addition of the brass pendant wall lights and brass circular mirror.

40. Black mirror frames

Here’s a really lovely black and white bathroom! Let’s be honest, it’s mostly white, which I love. But it integrates elements of black to give an edge to the otherwise all-white look. I particularly love the black mirror frames – they look great side by side.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas and Designs

There you have it – 40 black and white bathroom ideas and designs. There are so many options to suit any type of home, whether your house is Hamptons style, minimalist, retro, art deco, French, colonial, or anything else! I’d love to hear which black and white bathroom style you liked the most. Comment and tell me. And if you have any other ideas, share them too.

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