Best Baby Bike Trailer for Kids

Best Baby Bike Trailer for Kids – Top 5 in 2024

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Trying to find the best bike trailer for kids cannot be an easy task. It depends on your purpose – some look for an adventurous ride while others prefer to enjoy a simple bicycle ride with their baby in the neighborhood. We have narrowed the top 5 choices depending on your purpose.

Our Best Pick – Schwinn Echo Child Bike Trailer

Schwinn is a top brand known for providing high-end bikes to its customers. One such prominent creation of the Schwinn is its Echo Double bike trailer. This bike trailer allows your children to enjoy the ride with you instead of dragging them in a stroller.

Moreover, the Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer for kids has accommodation for two children at a time so you don’t need to buy two trailers or bring only one child at a time for the ride. There are many other perks that this bike trailer offers which we will explore now.

Features We Love 

Air-filled rubber tires

Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer makes the use of large air-filled rubber tires that ensure a better ride with added comfort and smooth ride. Thanks to the tires, the ride won’t be too bumpy and will be a good experience for you as a parent when pulling the bicycle trailer.

Compatible with rough terrains

Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer has 20-inches alloy rims with large air-filled tires that are compatible with both smooth surfaces and rough terrains. Moreover, it offers better balance and stability when on the pathways.


One of the most cherished features of the Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer is that it is highly portable due to its ergonomic foldable design. You can easily disable the trailer to either place it in a corner in the garage or the trunk of your vehicle. Similarly, in just a few minutes it can be assembled back and be ready for the ride.

Waterproof and bug protection

The trailer’s external canopy acts as a protection against the rain as well as mosquitoes like a bug. Also, it keeps your child safe from bright sun rays.


To keep your children cool even in hot summer weather, the Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer for kids has a mesh cover both in front and back of the seats. This allows air circulation to keep the interior ventilated.

Added safety

Another significant perk that the Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer offers is its high-end safety features. The interior comes with shoulder pads along with a helmet mesh that minimizes any violent shake to the trailer and keeps the child safe. Furthermore, a safety harness keeps the child buckled and the vibrant yellow color of the trailer with a flag pole ensures better visibility even from far behind.

Affordable price

The main aspect that differentiates this baby bike trailer from the rest is its economical price which still seems quite less for the variety of benefits that it offers. It is best for those who are on a budget and want the best baby bike trailer for their money to make each buck count.


  • Not convertible to a jogger/stroller
  • No suspension system
  • Lacks parking brake


Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer was designed with comfort and safety in view. Its first-rate safety features along with a flashing yellow color will minimize any chances of possible accidents. The riders are sure to have a comfortable ride thanks to the spacious interior and ventilation system. Although, the bike trailer is pretty basic and does not offer conversions to a jogger or stroller but still does great for its price.

2nd Best Pick – Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Trailer

Clevr Double Bicycle Trailer comes in a high-quality that could accommodate two children at a time. It is a multi-purpose trailer that can be used as a stroller as well.

Furthermore, it has first-rate safety features along with a strong build and efficient performance. Your kids are surely going to love their new gift. Let’s elaborate more on its various aspects, features, and performance.

Features We Love


Clevr Double Bicycle Trailer for Kids comes with 20-inches large rear wheels that ensure a smooth and soft ride. The large wheels let it be used actively either on a paved path or uneven terrain. This also allows it to be used at high speed with a bicycle.

Convertible to jogger/stroller

Clevr 3-in-1 Bike Trailer is a multipurpose trailer that can easily be converted into a jogger and stroller as well. Thus, you have multiple options to make use of this trailer.

Removable tires

Clevr Bicycle Trailer has removable tires that can conveniently be removed to convert the trailer into a stroller or jogger. This trait also makes this trailer universally compatible to be used on either type of bike as well.

Lock system

For a more convenient use for joggers, Clevr Bicycle Trailer has an ergonomic lock system. It comes with a lockable front wheel along with a brake system as well. For further convenience, it also has a hand brake system.

Suspension system

Clevr Bicycle Trailer has a high-end suspension system that ensures a comfortable and soothing ride even on a bumpy path. So, even if you are going on a bike trail or dirt track, rest assured that this trailer will live up to your expectations while keeping the child safe from all those violent shaking and shocks.

Weather canopy

Clevr Bicycle Trailer comes with a 2-in-1 weather canopy. The canopy provides a rain cover to keep the interior safe while the sun cover will protect the children from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, the front and rear of the interior are covered with a mesh cover that ensures ventilation for air circulation to keep the interior cool.


Clevr Bicycle Trailer is highly portable thanks to its efficient foldable design. It disassembles easily and flattens for transportation or storage. Installing the trailer is also convenient and takes only a couple of minutes.

Double safety buckle

For added safety, the seats come with a double strap buckle system that keeps the children locked up firmly. Not to forget, it also includes a safety flag visible from far wide.


  • Small storage space
  • The front wheel is fixed


Clevr 3-in-1 Bicycle Trailer is not only double-seated but also convertible to stroller and jogger as well. Thus, it saves you from the trouble of buying the trailer and stroller separately for multiple children. This ensures cost-effectiveness while its large 20-inches wheels offer a smooth ride at a decent pace. It is a perfect pick for those who look for comfort and compatibility.

Best on a Budget – InStep Bike Trailer for Kids

When wondering about the best baby bike trailers out there, InStep Foldable Tow Behind Bike Trailer is one we cannot ignore.

Apart from having the variation to choose from the single or double seated trailer, the InStep bike trailer for kids offers a ton of features with added safety and that too at a fairly reasonable price. It is easy to assemble, provides spacious space, and ensures a smooth ride. Let’s have a look at some more of its traits for a better understanding of its offerings.

Features We Love

Interior spacing

InStep bike trailer for kids has a sufficiently wide interior spacing that you might not find in others. A unique feature is that although the trailer is double-seated, you can adjust the seats to sit in the middle if you are alone. This makes even more space for the child to sit with comfort. Even when double-seated, space won’t run out.

External covers

InStep kids bike trailer comes with a front rain cover that can be rolled when not needed. At the rear too we have a vinyl cover for weather protection. Thus, the InStep bike trailer provides a durable waterproof performance suitable for any weather.


This baby bike trailer has a fairly affordable cost that allows every parent to provide the best experience to their kids. The reason for its economic cost is the 16-inches wheels with plastic rims.

Instead of using metal or alloy rims, this trailer uses plastic rims which significantly cut down the price. However, plastic rims do not provide the same performance as metal or alloy rims and are limited to a certain speed, unlike other rims.

Safety features

InStep bike trailer uses a 5-point harness that strongly buckles the child and a helmet mesh placed at the rear prevents any shock or violent bump to the head of the child. In a nutshell, this kid’s bike trailer meets all the safety standards expected.


To bring along additional items, the InStep bike trailer provides spacious storage at the rear low-placed Velcro enclosure.


What you’ll love about the InStep baby bike trailer is its easy portability. It can easily be folded without the use of any tools for transportation or storage. It takes only a couple of minutes to assemble or disassemble the bike trailer.


Although the bicycle trailer ensures a smooth ride on paved paths and plain roads, using it in rough terrains might not be the best choice. Since the tires are relatively small in size and use plastic rims, they often don’t work as desired on uneven paths.


  • Underwhelming wheel performance
  • Poor suspension


InStep baby bike trailers meet all the required safety standards one would need and towing on a paved path is no issue. However, pushing it on uneven terrain can be challenging. It is best for light use and is incredibly well balanced. Not to forget, its price is relatively less in comparison to similar or better baby bike trailers on the market. So, you get your money’s worth.

Most Comfortable – Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller

If you are looking for a reasonably priced bike trailer for kids but don’t want to compromise on comfort and quality then Hamax Outback is for you. It comes with a variety of features and a bundle of benefits as the other top-rated trailers in the market but with added comfort and economical price.

Apart from being a baby bike trailer for kids, it can also be convertible to a jogger, ski trailer, and stroller. Thus, it has a lot of options available making it a multipurpose trailer. Let’s explore some prominent features of Hamax Outback that it offers.

Features We Love

Spacious interior

Hamax Outback was designed with enhanced interior space which makes it unique in this department. Therefore, it allows more room for the child to rest which ensures comfort and maneuverability. Not only toddlers but a bit older child can also be easily fit inside the Hamax Outback.

Adjustable suspension

Due to its efficient adjustable suspension, the Hamax Outback readily adapts to the terrains, rail trails, or dirt tracks. The shock suspension system ensures a smoother and more comfortable bicycle ride for your child.

Multi-purpose sport trailer

It is a multi-purpose sport trailer that apart from being a trailer can also be used as a stroller and jogger. The Hamax Outback has a trailer hitch, a jogging kit, and a handbrake that allows it to be used as a sports trailer.


The Hamax Outback is foldable and it only requires pressing a few buttons and unlocking the handlebar. It is very easy to do so.


The Hamax Outback is not only spacious in size but its seats are also well padded with soft and smooth cushioning. The seat cushions along with the head and backrests are and thus, can easily be washed. Behind the cushions, we have mesh panels that allow ventilation by circulating the air to keep the interior cool.

External covers

The Hamax Outback is an all-weather-friendly bicycle trailer for kids. It has a mesh door along with a plastic rain cover that zips over the mesh cover. It also comes with a sunscreen that can be used along with the mesh and rain covers. So, whatever the weather may be, the Hamax Outback ensures your child is safe and snuggly.


  • As a trailer: The Hamax Outback offers a smooth ride when used as a bicycle trailer. It is much soothing than other lower-end trailers however compared to the top-brands a lot is left desired. It works just fine even on rough terrains or unpaved paths due to the suspension system.
  • As a stroller: The Hamax Outback uses a single-swivel wheel that allows it to be used as a stroller. It is easy to push either on a plain surface or over the dirt and grass.
  • As a jogger: The jogging kit can be installed without the need for any tools. Furthermore, it comes with a handbrake and provides a smooth ride without any complaint.


  • Zipper comes out sometimes


The Hamax Outback is an ideal pick for comfort and safety. Thanks to its spacious interior, adjustable suspension and smooth performance, riding with it is a joy. Moreover, cushion padding and washable seats ensure that the parents alongside the riders have a relaxing time with the Hamax Outback. Not to forget, it has a much affordable price as compared to its competitors.

Best for Adventure / Sport Use – Thule Chariot Cross 2 Multisport Trailer

The Thule Group has long been providing us with high-end outdoor transportation products. One of its prominent creations is the Thule Chariot Cross. This bike trailer for kids has one of the smartest designs among its competitors. It is designed with convenience and durability in mind. It has an ergonomic working and is super simple to use apart from having a sturdy build.

You kid is going to love riding in this baby bike trailer. With its comfortable recline seats and added safety features, we would highly recommend this baby bike trailer. Let’s have a detailed analysis of the features and offerings.

Features We Love

Recline seats

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller has adjustable bench-like seats that can be reclined easily. All you need to do is press the button present on the exterior and pull back gently. It has a complete recline mechanism that offers a recline of 7-inches. You find other baby trailers in the market with such a flexible recline system.

Another great blessing that Thule Chariot Cross offers is its double capacity interior with independent seats. This means that you can recline each seat individually without disturbing the other one. It is perfect for strolling with two different-aged kids.


Thule Chariot Cross bike trailer for kids comes with dark gray padding on seats that is soft, snuggly, and easy to wipe clean. The cushioning is removable and can be removed for washing.


Despite having a large size Thule Chariot Cross can be packed down to a sufficiently compact load. The bars at the back can be folded to half while the top flats easily. So, you won’t have any trouble fitting it in the car or moving around the house.

Infant support

Fortunately, the Thule Chariot Cross baby bike trailer comes with infant-friendly options. The seats offer baby supporters and an infant slinger for added protection. These features are exclusively useful when jogging or using the trailer in strolling mode. Moreover, you’ll get a 5-point harness strapping system that is easy to buckle and adjust as you like. Apart from the torso, the straps also buckle the neck comfortably.


Thule Chariot Cross baby bike trailer comes with a leaf spring suspension system that is easily adjustable and ensures a smooth ride. The suspension can be adjusted by sliding the latch-up or down depending upon the weight of the child.

Convertible to stroller

The Chariot Cross has swivel wheels that allow it to be used as a stroller. Although the trailer is heavy, due to the efficient working of the wheels the stroller is easily maneuverable. It is convenient to push and is sufficiently smooth as compared to many other strollers available in the market.

Jogging mode

To use Thule Chariot Cross in jogging mode you’ll need to install the jogger wheels. Since the Chariot Cross comes with removable tires, you won’t have any trouble replacing the tires. For the sake of jogging convenience, the trailer also comes with a rear hand brake that controls both the front and back wheels.


  • Less storage space
  • Expensive


Thule Chariot Cross is an ideal choice for jogging, strolling, or riding a bike. Its first-rate features and performance will impress you. The adjustable seats with padded cushions and sunshade ensure a comfortable and pleasurable ride for the child. Not to forget its high-end safety features that provide added protection. In a nutshell, Thule Chariot Cross is a complete all-rounder that is easy to handle for adults also.

A Guide to Baby Bike Trailer for Kids

Baby bicycle trailers are a kind of carriages that act as sidecars that are attached to the rear of the bike’s frame. The trailers are used to bring along the kids that are too young to ride a bike themselves and need their parent’s support.

Baby bike trailers are a great convenience in this regard as they not only let the kids have the fun but provide support to the parents as well that do not want their children to miss out on the fun.

The children are seated inside the bicycle trailer and are strapped to the seat using a buckle strap. The interior compartment is then mostly zipped closed to protect from external elements. Parents have to simply attach the trailer with the bike and then ride on with their bicycle while the trailer keeps on following the bike.

Since the trailers are low to the ground, this minimizes the chance of any serious injury from a fall or accident.

Baby bike trailers come in several models with either single or double seats with the varying weight capacity. Usually, kids aged 1-6 years can easily fit inside the trailer. An exceeding weight limit can wear out the trailer and damage its structure.

Features to look for

A bike trailer for kids can be a great companion for you and your child when on a journey. Obviously, it is much more convenient to carry the child around by simply pushing a trailer rather than lifting it on the shoulders. Not only does it keep your child safe but also provides a comfortable space to rest.

However, when choosing an appropriate bike trailer for your kid, you need to look out for certain features and aspects. These features can decide your future experience with the product. Therefore, choose wisely what you need and look for the same traits when purchasing one while limiting it to your budget.

It is not something you go out and buy every day so invest your money by making each penny count. Therefore, here is a list of prominent features that need to be kept in mind when shopping for a suitable baby bike trailer for your kid.

Suspension system

A durable suspension system is highly vital, especially when going on rough terrains or uneven paths. A suspension provides flexibility to the interior structure of the bike trailer and minimizes the effect of any external shock or violent vibration that could disrupt the peace of the rider. Thus, it ensures a bump-free and smooth ride for a good ride experience. A suspension system is a very important factor to consider when buying a bike trailer especially if you plan to take on adventurous routes. In this regard, some suspensions systems are adjustable while others are not

Seating capacity

You need to consider the seating capacity depending upon how many kids you have. Some bike trailers come with a single seat while others are available in double seat capacity. However, it is best to buy a single bike trailer with double seating for two children instead of buying two separate trailers which can add up in the cost.

Storage space

Most baby bike trailers come with some form of interior storage space to keep your belongings such as wallets, keys, purses, or a diaper bag. Other storage compartments are kid-oriented to place their toys, food, water, or some other equipment that they would want to take with them on the journey.

Although the storage pocked is a trivial feature but can come in handy at various instances when you don’t want to carry that entire load in your bare hands.

Parking brake

Most of the high-end baby bike trailers come with a parking brake system that is beneficial to use when parking the trailer, especially in sloppy areas. The brakes lock the wheels so the trailer is kept halted at one position. It is much safer than other braking methods such as pressing a bar on tires.

Convertible to stroller/jogger

This is probably the most significant and pivotal factor to look for when shopping for a baby bike trailer. Some trailers allow them to be converted into a stroller or jogger and act as a multi-purpose gadget.

Such trailers come with a conversion kit that mostly consists of removable tires and handles that can be installed to the trailer to convert it into a stroller. This feature is highly cherished as you don’t have to shop separately for a stroller. However, take note that the price also boosts up accordingly for such trailers so you need to view your budget too.


Such baby bike trailers are mostly considered to be the top of the line that offers the smoothest ride of all. These trailers are also convertible to joggers and strollers and come with a conversion kit including a jogging wheel as an attachment. It is an ideal pick for active parents that look for regular use of their trailer for jogging, strolling, or sporty purposes.


Portability is another important feature. The trailers need to have a foldable design that can be flattened to a compact size for easy transportation and storage. As a result, you can conveniently move it around, stash it in the trunk of the vehicle or store it in the corner of the garage. There are distinct ways to fold the trailer where one method might be easier than another one. Therefore, look for portability as well.

External covers

External covers perform several important functions such as providing the rain cover to keep the interior from getting wet or providing the sunshade to protect the child from bright sun rays. Also, there are bug protection covers too that prevents bugs like mosquitoes from getting in.

Other covers include mesh covers whose role is to provide ventilation by circulating the air to keep the interior cool. You’ll need to look for these external coverings exclusively since some bike trailers for kids might have all of them while others may not.

Infant options

Kids less than one year need extra care and protection. Therefore, if you plan to buy the trailer for such a young kid, do consider the baby options available with some trailers. These options could include additional baby support and infant slinger for added protection.

Seat padding

Seats padded well with suitable cushioning are always more comfortable and safe for the rider. In this regard, some seats and cushioning are removable and thus are easy to wash and clean. Inappropriate or no seat cushioning can seriously disrupt the user experience with the trailer.

Tires performance

The kind of wheels and tires used with the baby bike trailers have a significant effect on the performance capabilities of the trailer overall. A wheel with larger rims provides more torque (turning effect) and thus can move more quickly and smoothly. Meanwhile shorter rims might not be too suitable for high-paced activities.

A 20-inches wheel will outperform a 16-inches wheel. In the same way, air tires are lighter and easy to move as compared to rubber tires.

Best Baby Bike Trailer for Kids

Bottom Line

The features and factors mentioned above are all crucial to consider when buying a suitable trailer for your kid. Look for the one that matches your requirements and budget so you can save yourself from extra expenses or underwhelming performance later on. When in-store, take out the trailer for a test drive for better understanding and also look for any warranties available.

Are Bike Trailers Safe for Infants and Babies?

Everything in this world has its pros and cons and so does a bike trailer for kids. Vital necessities such as food or even life-saving medicines can be proved fatal if consumed improperly.

The same rule implies for baby bike trailers. Although it offers many benefits to the parents as well as a child, the wrong usage can lead to some unwanted conditions.

However, simply put, a baby bike trailer is safe to use in general if it is viewed as a product. Not only does it lets the kids enjoy themselves but also the parents get good support.

What is not safe in this scenario are the mistakes that parents could commit such as not providing the helmet to the kid, seat buckle not being fastened, or harsh riding. You won’t be seeing a trailer just exploding off on itself for no good reason.

The only mishaps possible are human errors that can be minimized significantly by following basic precautionary steps. In a nutshell, a baby bike trailer is safe to use when done with precautions.

The Disadvantages

While bike trailers for kids may come in handy in various aspects, we also need to look out for some of their disadvantages that could possibly lead to serious injuries. However, in the end, it all depends on how you use the trailer. Here are some of the cons related to it.

Not suitable for off roads

A major drawback associated with the baby bicycle trailers is that they are not recommended to be used on rough terrains and bike trails. This is due to the fact that such paths are often subjected to more bumps which produce more shocks to the interior and thus, can compromise the comfort and sometimes the safety of the child.

That is because underage kids are more prone to injuries. Also, taking such uneven paths will end up elongating the trip time since you’ll have an extra load to drag with you on a rough path.

Visibility issues

Since the bicycle trailers are too low to the ground it means the trailer might not be too visible for both the riding parent and a car following from behind. In such cases, vehicles such as buses and trucks which are too high up might completely miss the trailer ahead. This can cause some serious accidents.

Handling becomes difficult

Using a baby bike trailer makes it difficult for you to handle the bike when taking turns because the trailer adds an extra load to your bike. So you can’t take sharper curves instantly and may need to go for wider turns that could slow you down significantly.

Less communication with the child

While you bust riding the back, your child may be just sitting idly getting bored since there will be no interaction possible with the kid. So, you might get a good cycling workout but your child might not be having the best time in the world.

Key Safety Tips

Even though bike trailers for kids come with few disadvantages, it doesn’t mean they’ll always end up getting you in trouble. With some easy precautionary steps, you could prevent any unfavorable circumstances and could enjoy a normal ride with your kid. As stated before, it all depends upon how vigilantly you use the trailer. So, whenever you intend to use a trailer, make sure to follow these basic safety measures.

Always wear a helmet

Not just a baby bike trailer, whether you are riding on a motorbike or a bicycle, a helmet is a must necessity. Beware that riding without a helmet is very dangerous. So, make sure whenever you put your kid in the trailer, the helmet must be already on its head!

Follow the one-year rule

Note that an infant less than one year old is more prone to head injuries even from trivial vibratory shocks since their body is still underdeveloped. Therefore, don’t ever put your child in the trailer unless it is above one year of age. Due to this concept, some states in the USA have implemented a one year law that prevents such underage kids from being placed in rear bike seats or baby trailers. However, no matter where you belong in the world, make sure to implement this law for the sake of safety.

Don’t forget to fasten the buckle

Always fasten the clasp properly whenever you go out for a ride with your kid. Also, double-check the buckle before leaving because a loosely fastened strap may come off anytime and could lead to some not too pleasant moments for the child.

Look for more safety features

As stated above, some bicycle trailers for kids come with extra safety features such as a warning flag or a vibrant color. Always try to make the best of these features. Moreover, some trailers’ interiors are loaded with multiple buckles and harness systems. Utilizing them won’t hurt for sure. In addition, if you’re into cycling and offer guidance on TikTok regarding bikes and bike accessories, contemplate utilizing TikTokStorm to disseminate insights to a broader audience.

Follow the traffic laws

Best Baby Bike Trailer for Kids

Just because you are riding a bicycle with a kid doesn’t mean you can go easy on the traffic laws. Instead, you should be more vigilant since life is depending on you and you can’t afford to make a mistake in between busy roads loaded with speeding cars. Stay in your lane, don’t over speed, avoid harsh riding, and always look for traffic signals.

We hope this guide has helped you identify and narrow down the best bike trailer for your kid.

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